Elegance and protection: a duo suitable for any climate

Navello finestra legno alluminio chios 2.0

Chios e Chios 2.0

Chios is an highly elegant and contemporary wood and aluminium window, with excellent performance characteristics and resistance to atmospheric agents at an affordable price.

Small profiles, high performances

Thanks to the lightness and strength of the external aluminium cladding, Chios combines the linear geometry of the wood with reduced profiles that leave more space for glass and light and at the same time guarantee excellent thermo-acoustic performance.

Flat and coplanar geometries

A perfect coplanarity of the structure combined with quality finishes: it is the ideal window for residential and public environments. Two versions proposed: 55 mm thick Chios and 68 mm thick Chios 2.0 and high performance acoustic seals that reduce 43 db. Shapes, accessories and details are highly customizable.

Technical Specifications Chios

Technical Specifications Chios 2.0

Nuvola and Nuvola tecnica

It’s called Nuvola because is light, but weatherproof: it is the window which combines technology, functionality, quality of materials and elegance.

Elegance and customization

Nuvola it’s the window which combines the efficiency of the wood with an external aluminium coating, customizable through a wide range of colours, that can guarantee maximum weather resistance.
Nuvola external aluminum coating is shaped featuring an accentuated curvature of leaf profile, whereas Nuvola Tecnica profile is linear.


It’s possible to install low emission or selective dual-chamber double-glazing, filled with argon gas and warm edge duct to improve energetic performances of the window

Technical Specifications

Oceano and Oceano 2.0

Oceano is the wood-aluminium window characterized by an essential design to be used in contemporary style buildings.

Linear geometry

Oceano is a perfect window for private houses as well as for public buildings where it is usually installed “flush with the wall”. It is realized in two different versions: Oceano, with a 55mm thick wooden leaf, and Oceano 2.0, with a 68mm thick wooden leaf.

High levels of thermal and sound insulation.

The exterior aluminium coating is not installed in contact with the wood, in order to allow air circulation between the two materials and to avoid the formation of moulds.

High levels of finishing: thermal or solar insulating glass and realization of models with any type of opening, shape and size

Technical Specifications Oceano

Technical Specifications Oceano 2.0

Nembo and Nembo 2.0

Nembo is the new wooden-aluminium window champion in energy efficiency, top of the range among Navello’s wooden-aluminium windows with a rigorous and linear design. We propose it at an affordable price, without renouncing high performance features.

Lightness and strenght

Nembo window combines the linear geometry of wood (55mm thick) to the external aluminium coating, fully customizable through a wide range of colors and able to guarantee maximum weather resistance.

More home safety

The 2.0 version is designed to improve home safety: due to a wooden leaf increased to 68mm it is possible to include a triple glass with double-glazing and to install the new anti-burglary system RC2 certified.

Technical Specifications Nembo

Technical Specifications Nembo 2.0

City and City 2.0

City is the wooden and aluminium window which literally disappears thus making room for an all-glass window. The outer frame, with its rigorous and linear design, is completely flush with the wall, thus optimizing the glass surface.

Design and efficency

City doesn’t compromise on energy efficiency and eliminate any maintenance work on the window. The window is realized in two different versions: City, with a 55mm thick wooden leaf, and City 2.0, with a 68mm thick wooden leaf.

Living comfort

On the window is installed a triple seal which allows high levels of thermal and sound insulation. The double-glazing is placed completely outwards to improve thermal insulation and to assure a correct air circulation.

Technical Specifications City

Technical Specifications City 2.0