Sustainable forests help the environment

Sustainable development meets the needs of today’s generation without compromising the future of next generations.
Therefore it’s important to use renewable resources as wood, one of the key player of sustainable architecture.


The natural material par excellence, wood, stands out for its thermal and sound insulation properties, for its technical strenght and for the wide range of colors and wood species: these characteristics make the wood ideal to ensure quality and durability for sustainable doors and windows.

We have always taken great care when selecting the best raw materials; we pay particular attention to the environment by using wood from controlled plantations in full respect of the Due Diligence system, against illegal logging, thus ensuring continuity and controlled growth of forest environmental heritage.

Wood is the winning choice to naturally realize an eco-friendly project that integrates the ecosystem, without forcing it: in addition to supporting the environment, wood doesn’t require a high amount of energy when it’s worked, it doesn’t produce harmful and hazardous waste, it’s recyclable, it limits energy consumption and it’s healthy for humans.
The oldest material is the one of tomorrow.

Suitable and regular cleaning is extremely important for long-lasting beauty of the wood. A cloth and a spray are all you need to ensure to Navello’s dhjoor or window a long life.

Window cleaning and maintenance

All materials exposed to the weather are subject to decay if they are not protected as they should be. Concrete crumbles, iron rusts, plastic “dries out”, and aluminium oxidizes. Nothing is spared by time, which in recent years has been aided and abetted by smog and acid rain.

Among all the materials normally used to make windows, wood has the advantage that even if normal cleaning and care procedures are ignored, it can be restored.
The durability and the functioning of wooden products require periodical care and maintenance.

Periodic cleaning and invigoration are simple and quick and they aim at invigorating the varnish film on lacquered and stained outdoor windows and/or blinds. For this reason a careful check carried out twice a year (one before summer, and one before winter), will allow you to keep the wood in a perfect state of repair.

Health passes… by the window! Choosing natural paints for your home is the first step to live in a healthier environment: a protection for the operators who work in the painting department, too.

Painting and glue

Navello’s wooden windows are painted with water-based products, tested according to the UNI EN ISO 16000 to assess the emissions of VOC (volatile organic compounds), and have achieved Class A+ : the lowest level!

The painting coat is aimed at protecting wood from fungi and parasites by means of the application of the primer, while the finishing cycle serves to reduce the moisture absorption of the wood, to give a pleasant shine to the window and to highlight the refined design lines. The final customer only needs to remember to clean the window with a simple cloth and the “Navello spray”.

The choice of the glue is made in compliance with current regulations as well, in order to protect workers that deal with it and the well-being of final customers. For this reason Navello doesn’t use any glues releasing harmful substances, even if to a very limited extent.

Today, it is possible to reduce buildings’ energy consumption by replacing old windows with new ones. You can spend half thanks to the Ecobonus, moreover you can help the environment reduncing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Sustainable savings

Replacing doors and windows is the easiest way to improve home comfort and to reduce the energy bill: all Navello’s doors and widows meet the highest standards of energy performances and they all allow considerable savings for heating and cooling spaces.

Changing old doors and windows with new ones, equipped with high performing “low-emission” glass, allow to considerably reduce energy consumption. The choice of the right door and window allows to save up to 40% on heating costs and up to 60% on cooling costs.

Today, thanks to the ECOBONUS, you’ll pay the half for your windows : Navello’s staff provides a consulting service to choose the most suitable door or window which meets the energy parameters that allow you to obtain tax reduction.