Wooden entrance doors…the long lasting thermal and sound insulation

Entrance Doors

In wood

Wooden entrance doors can be custom made in all essences and finishes.

Customizable design

Two different bespoke window designs availabe, which combine a good resistance to burglary with high thermal performance by inserting the low thermal transmittance insulated panels.

Technical Specifications Omero

Technical Specifications Novecento

In wood-aluminium

To improve the resistance of the product to atmospheric effects, the wooden door can be over clad with an external aluminium coating, customizable through a wide range of colours.

Intact beauty

This is a design solution that does not fear climate and limits the usual maintenance works.

Technical Specifications

Escape routes certified

Escape routes certified doors are entirely made of wood with an external aluminium coating.

CE SAC 1 MARKING – first level-CE certification of compliance

An external pedestrian door becomes a door along the escape routes when it’s identified as such in an evacuation plan. It is subject to the supervision of firefighters for the release of the fire prevention certificate. The first level-CE certification of compliance it’s compulsory in this case.

Guaranteed production

Navello obtained the first level-CE certification of compliance for Novecento and Omero wooden doors, and for wooden.aluminium doors.

Technical Specifications

Escape Routes Certificates

Pantographed models

The selection of wooden pantographed doors was designed to meet all customization requirements.

The wooden frame is joined with a peculiar shutter composed of a single panel made of laminated wood and a multilayered sandwich panel of wood and cork, with high thermal and sound insulation.

Custom-made design

The shutter designs and specifications are produced to the customers specification with every door being custom built unit. The leaf can be linear, trapezoidal, arched, staved, windowed etcetera.

Made in Italy efficiency

There are many possible solutions, sturdy, functional and architecturally pleasing to the eye.
The strenght is guaranteed by both the wood used and the type of hardware installed.

Technical Specifications