The wooden window is good for health and for the environment

Seta 2.0 slim

Seta 2.0 slim is the window designed to improve brightness inside homes, without renouncing high thermal insulation performance. Fully tailor-made, it can be customized with a wide range of accesories.

Wellness and light

Reducing the window central knot (115mm instead of the traditional 128 mm), the window allows more room for glass. This increases brightness by 10% and will consequently spare you the trouble of looking for alternative solutions or restructuring your interiors in order to brighten your house.

Energy saving

The use of slim profiles does not affect the window energy efficiency and the window thermal transmittance coefficient remains optimal.

High insulating glasses can be combined with the frame and the 68 mm leaf.

Technical Specifications


Omero is the Navello’s “clima” window. The wood is combined with the most advanced technologies for energy efficiency and a contemporary design.
Thanks to the frame increased thickness (92 mm), the window can be provided with triple glazing with low thermal transmittance.

Green commitment

We focus on efficiency and waste reduction also thanks to the double openings, both pulling and “tilt and turn” (also called vasistas), standard on all models – with double opening of 170 and 13 mm- and designed to ventilate the rooms without dissipating heat in winter or let in the hot air in summer.

Certified sustainability

At the end of 2015 Omero became part of qualified products according to the standard ITACA protocol that certifies its compliance with the environmental sustainability criteria and certifies its performance.

Technical Specifications


Elegant and simple, sober and consistent, Novecento is the window designed for sustainable building.
Novecento wooden windows combine the natural insulating properties of wood with high levels of finishing and customization, in order to realize doors and windows with any type of opening, shape and size.

The bio-window

Novecento guarantees optimal thermal and sound insulation as well as high air, water and wind resistance.
In addition to thermal / solar insulating glass that protect against cold in winter and heat in summer, soundproof glass tested till 40 db of noise reduction can be combined.


As standard Novecento is provided with a double opening, both pulling and tilt and turn, as well as the central level bolt on the semi-fixed door, components that make Novecento suitable for burglarproof hardware.

Technical Specifications

Seta 2.0 eco

It is the wooden window that was born from the need to provide high thermal insulation performance at an affordable price. Seta 2.0 ECO is ideal for classical style architecture but also for contemporary style buildings.

Substance and strenght

It combines a classical structure, with two or more leaves, with the effectiveness of thermal insulated glazing with excellent thermal transmittance values.
The simplicity of the forms does not waive variations in finishes like rounded glazing beads that can be leaf, square or diamond-shaped on request, fitted muntins, inner shutters, panels, insect screens, etc

Sound insulation

Seta 2.0 Eco, tested by a laboratory obtained 43 db of noise reduction. The reduction of the external noise improves living comfort and increases the quality of life.

Technical Specifications


Seta is a window entrirely made of wood which fully satisfies the performance requirements and meets all the needs of modern construction and of restructuring thanks to the small dimensions of its frame.

Tailored processing

Recreating the style of the past without sacrificing convenience and robustness of the latest frames : Seta is available in all sorts of wood crafted by Navello, and in a wide range of colors, with modern and classic finishings, like the “Seta Style” version, particularly suitable for the renovation of historic centers.


As standard, the Seta window has a rounded glass beading, but it can be customized with leaf, square or diamond-shaped glass beadings as well as with a wide possibility of matching accessories such as recessed insect screens, fitted muntins or inner shutters.

Technical Specifications