Unlimited accessories, unlimited customizations

Glass is multifunctional: it protects from cold in winter, heat in summer, and the external noise all this without preventing natural light from entering the house.

The glass

The insulating capacity of the window greatly affects the energy saving of a house and the living comfort, so the choice of the most suitable glass becomes a priority.
A quality glass protects against cold, heat, and can isolate from external noise in order to help make your house safer.

Navello chooses high insulating glasses for his windows (“low-emission” or reflecting glasses )through which you can reach the thermal insulation needed to get a tax allowance.

How to choose the most suitable glass?

Hardware: the window’s heart. Whatever is the window or the door to realize, traditional or modern style, Navello’s hardware is the answer.

The Hardware

Navello’s windows and doors locking systems are certified RAL Quality mark and are tested for 10.000 openings and closings.
Hardware is made of still and alloys highly resistant to corrosion, painted in silver, and it’s available in several closing and opening systems to facilitate the opening of large windows or of windows placed in sites difficult to access, thus meeting the customer’s needs.

To enhance window’s safety, an anti-burglary hardware will directly communicate with the antitheft alarm.

Multi-panel windows, panels, muntins. Navello’s window and door is completed with several accessories always guaranteeing functionality and high technology.

Wooden accessories

Ashalar, smooth, pantographed: panels replace glass to give the window a more classical style. Insulated panels are inserted to reduce the heat loss of the window.

It’s possible to attach multi-panel window on the outside or on the inside of the glass. The color and profile range is highly customizable.

Fitted muntins are installed according to the customer’s idea.

In historic centers, outside shutters are replaced by inner shutters to let the exterior facade of period buildings free.

Handles and hinge covers are the details which distinguish a high quality window, moreover they furnish the house in a simple, original and safe way.

Handles and hinge covers

Seeing quality with your own eyes is pleasant, you will be sure you have made the right choice.
Navello’s handles, realized with high-quality materials, combine design and cutting-edge functionality.

The safety requirement is fulfilled too, thanks the SecuForte® “press and turn” handle, which uses the same mechanism adopted for bottles with hazardous content to make sure the children can’t open them.

Several materials are used: aluminium, iron or brass, which do not require special maintenance.