Windows for people who love living in touch with nature

Lift and slide

The lift and slide window allows you to realize wide dimensions glass windows that give to spaces great luminosity; It can be realized with more sliding or fixed sashes, with a ground threshold and frame on 3 sides

Smart Opening

Even big surface windows offer efficient and smooth opening and closing thanks to manoeuvring handle. The mobile sash can be lowered and stopped in any point of the runner.

Environmental well-being

Sliding windows offer environmental comfort for contemporary residential projects, optimal to connect the house with outdoor spaces and to increase the brightness of interior spaces.
With the lower thermal break threshold as standard, excellent thermal transmitting results can be obtained.

Minimal lift and slide

The minimal lift and slide window can be realized entirely of wood but also with an external aluminium coating : the fixed sash literally disappears in order to leave room for glass and increase the amount of light that enters the house.

Barrier-free mobility

Equipped with high performace structure, it ensures a smooth manual control, a high operating reliability and durability. The simple, smooth and silent opening and closing constitutes a decisive advantage for the maneuverability in daily use.

Standard of living

Increasing the daylighting conditions result in significant benefits: the light actually affects the liveability of the house and promotes the well-being of those who live in it; it reduces the use of lamps with consequent energy saving.

Vertically sliding window

The vertically sliding window allows to save space thanks to the lack of fixed sashes and to exploit fully the surface of a room.

Technological versatility

Thanks to a particular structure, it is possibile to open only half of the window and make it slide on the other half. This type of opening enables extremely efficient air circulation avoiding the risk of accidental sash damage in the event of unexpeced movement, typical of the hinged-door opening.

Space-saving Technology

The vertical sliding opening and the lack of internal obstructions ease any application of curtains or blackout curtains and allow to fully customize the interiors.

Pocket lift & slide

A window equipped with an elegant and simple mechanism that allows to furnish the home interior even in close proximity of the window.

Functional Elegance

Once opened, the sash vanishes into the wall that can be completely exploited to arrange furniture, the seats or what fits the most according to the customer’s personal taste.
The window, free of any visual barriers, presents itself as an elegant frame with wide windows that allow to filter natural light and to create coninuity between indoor and outdoor.

Refined look

It’s very important to carefully consider and estimate the access to gardens and terraces because, besides having a practical function, they influence the style of rooms.

and folding

The sliding and folding window, thanks to the sliding of sashes that packet themselves on each other and fold to the side, offers the opportunity of enjoying the benefits of wide dimensions.

Natural light and transparency

An opening (and closure) system that allows to fully exploit the window to merge more environments and to create wide spaces in close contact with nature.
Optimal for living areas that overlook gardens or terraces, but also cafés and restaurants provided with outdoor spaces to be connected with indoor spaces.

Security and strenght

To the window it is possible to match latest generation state-of-the-art glass, designed to improve safety and energy saving.

Parallel slide

Window with one or more sliding or fixed sashes, with a 4 sided frame, which enables the sliding opening of the main sash parallel to the secondary one and the flap opening. On closing the frame and the leaf, of the same thickness, intersect without creating any gap.

Insulation technology

On opening, the sliding leaf works easily and it’s light. When it’s closed the leaf is blocked onto the frame on the four sides from the central closure guaranteeing higher performances than any other kind of sliding opening, achieving the same insulation values of a traditional window.

Tailored efficiency

To make better use of the occupied space it is also possibile to slide the sash in front of the wall, exploiting the opening outwards completely.