Wooden Accessories

Glass beading

Those who love modern lines can choose square or diamond-shaped glass beading, the leaf glass beading is perfect for historic centre buildings, while rounded glass beading is the best choice for smooth lines.

Rounded glass beading
Diamond glass beading
Leaf glass beading
Square glass beading

Fitted muntins and Fitted multi-panel windows

Wooden fitted muntins and fitted multi-panel windows, applied to the glass, are fully customizable and follow glass beading’s lines.

Leaf fitted muntin
Square fitted muntin
Rounded fitted multi-panel window
Leaf fitted multi-panel window

Lower panels

Panels coated with wooden species are made on waterproof MDF, water-repellant material suitable for outdoor use. The insulated version reduces heat loss and enhance the sound insulation of the window or the door.

Ashalar panel
Smooth panel
Pantographed panel
Shaped panel with glass

Staff beads and window-sills

Wooden staff beads and window-sills meet any specific demands and are made with essential finishes which furnish the house. Flush with wall staff bead, together with retractable hardware make the frame disappear and guarantee clean and modern lines.

Recessed staff bead
Flush with wall staff bead
Standard staff bead

Inner shutters

Inner shutters replace outside shutters in historic centres, leaving the classical buildings’ façade free. They can be smooth or shaped with the addition of an ashalar panel.

Inner shutters smooth
Inner shutters ashalar
Open foldinh shutters smooth
Pine wood Inner shutters