P. 17


                                       Scegliere vernici naturali

                                    per la casa è il primo passo

                             per vivere in un ambiente più sano

                            Choosing natural products for the home is the first step to
                                              live in a healthier environment

                        Attention to health
                        Navello wooden windows are painted with water-based products. They have been tested according
                        to UNI EN ISO 16000, to assess the emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and have
                        achieved class A+, which is the lowest level.

                        One simple action for a perfect result
                        Varnishing serves to protect the wood against fungi and parasites through the impregnation
                        process, while the finishing process serves to reduce the wood’s propensity to absorb moisture,
                        lending the window a pleasant gloss finish and enhancing its refined design. The end user only has
                        to remember to clean the window using a simple cloth and the ‘Navello spray’ in order to maintain
                        the long-lasting beauty of the wood.

                        No harmful substances
                        The choice of adhesive is also made in compliance with current regulations. To safeguard the
                        workers’ and the end user’s health, Navello does not use any adhesives that - even minimally -
                        release substances that are harmful to people’s health.

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