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                                     Il legno è l’unica materia prima

                                    naturale, rinnovabile e riciclabile

                                     al 100% utilizzata per realizzare


                                  Wood is the only natural, renewable and 100% recyclable
                                           raw material used to make window frames.

                        Wood: a natural raw material
                        Navello windows and doors are born out of a great passion for wood, combined with a deep
                        respect for the environment and nature. Wood is the ultimate raw material due to its very limited
                        environmental impact during processing and its ability to be broken down by microorganisms
                        without any negative impact on their vital functions, thus reducing pollution of our planet.

                        Forest management and sustainable development
                        Wood is a renewable and sustainable resource when it is managed responsibly. Scheduled,
                        monitored felling operations, aimed at achieving natural regeneration of the trees, ensure
                        continuity in forest restoration, increase biodiversity and prevent degradation. Navello, by
                        choosing wood for its windows, contributes to environmental well-being each window stores
                        approximately 50 kg of CO2.

                        Navello: a sustainable company
                        Woodworking does not generate waste, because all wood scraps and offcuts are reprocessed
                        and reused. Waste materials from the various components - hardware, glass, gaskets - are
                        stored in special containers and recycled.
                        A focus on safeguarding its worker’s health and protecting the environment has long guided
                        the company’s decision-making: the exclusive use of water-based paints for all paintwork,
                        certified  in  accordance  with  European  standards;  the  replacement  of  internal  combustion
                        forklifts by electric forklifts; from 2024 electricity will be produced with 8,000 m2 of photovoltaic

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