P. 9


                                           La flessibilità produttiva,

                                            la cura del particolare e

                                          l’ottimizzazione dei tempi

                                          di consegna sono i fattori

                                           di successo del marchio


                                         Production flexibility, attention to detail and
                                          optimization of delivery times are the main
                                             factors of succes of the Navello brand.

                        A passion for wood
                        Founded in 1824 in Dogliani (Province of Cuneo) by Luigi Navello as a carpentry workshop,
                        Navello is a quintessential Italian company that has grown through the generations. In 2011,
                        the company was entered in the Register of Historical Companies, established by the Italian
                        Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture to highlight Italy’s industrial
                        heritage on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.
                        Quality and technology
                        The company’s growth trajectory bears the mark of its founders, continuously investing in
                        research, quality materials and woodworking technology. Although Navello has developed
                        an industrial-level, technologically sophisticated production capacity over time, the artisan
                        dimension has remained in the DNA of the company, which today has become a leader in
                        the production of custom-made wooden windows and doors, for the residential construction
                        market as well as for major building sites.
                        Navello’s  daily  dedication,  customer  focus  and respect  for  the  environment  are  key  to  its
                        success. A modern organisation combined with a flexible production system allow it to produce
                        a wide range of fully customised and tailor-made windows and doors with high performance

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